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SJH Honor Band wins Sweepstakes

On Wednesday, April 4, the Seale JH Honor Band traveled to San Diego HS to compete at the UIL Concert & Sight Reading Contest. Our students were awarded a FIRST DIVISION by all six judges (3 Concert Judges/3 Sight Reading Judges)! UIL refers to this as the "Sweepstakes Award" when a band earns a FIRST DIVISION in Concert AND Sight Reading. This is the SECOND YEAR in a row that this band brings the award to Robstown. They performed really well on the Sight Reading portion in which they were assigned a very difficult piece which they nor I have ever seen before. SJH Band is definitely making their mark!
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SJH Advanced Choir takes SWEEPSTAKES

On Wednesday, March 28, your very own Seale Jr. High Advanced Choir was evaluated on their musicianship skills at the UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest. The Advanced Choir is comprised of the best female singers on our campus. These ladies performed, behaved and carried themselves throughout the competition today. The RISD choral program is beyond ecstatic to announce that the SJH Advanced Choir earned the coveted “Sweepstakes” Award. This Junior High Choral Ensemble is the first to receive this prestigious award from our campus in many years. They earned a First Division in every category possible. These girls truly amaze us!

Samantha Acuña-Ruiz
Kaydin Amaya
Gianna Contreras
Everlynn Cueva
Leilua Fox-Cuyos
Iliana Gomez
Judy Gonzalez
Marisol Guzman
Mia Perez
Abigail Ramon
Gabriella Rodriguez
Jozannah Rodriguez
Hailie Soliz
Maria Soliz
Marisa Vasquez
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NJHS Induction Ceremony

On Tuesday, March 20th 32 of our 7th and 8th graders will be inducted into NJHS. To be a part of this society students had to have amazing academics, attendance, behavior, community involvement, and recommendations. Come out and support our students. Ceremony starts at 5:30 PM and the High School Auditorium.
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